Morskie Oko Lake

Morskie Oko (Sea Eye) Lake is located in Tatra Mountains, Poland at Dolina Rybiego Potoku (Fish Stream Valley). The lake has postglacial origins and the following dimensions:
- surface area - 35 hectares
- length - 943 yards
- width 619 yards
- depth at the deepest spot - 167 feet
Surface of water is on 4577 feet above see level what is 3622 feet lower then the highest peak of Polish Tatra Mountains - Rysy that might be easily seen from Morskie Oko area.
Name Morskie Oko 'Sea Lake' comes from a legend that claims it has connection with Atlantic Ocean and some treasure from sunk ship has been fished out from it.
The lake has cristal clear water (clearness up to 12 meters deep) what gives amazing emerald colour. Sea Eye lake attracts thousands tourists every year who can take a rest in the oldest mountain hostel located just at the lake's shore.
Morskie Oko lake is located 126 kilometers driving from Krakow and 30 kilometers from Zakopane. Unfortunately it's not possible to drive directly to the lake by car. Last 10 kilometers from Lysa Polana car park, must be done on foot or by horse carriage/sleigh provided by local highlanders.

Private tours to Morskie Oko Lake from Krakow

  • Lysa Polana is located 115 kilometers (72 miles) South from Krakow. Journey by our modern minivans last less then 2 hours.
  • From Lysa Polana car park to the Lake there are 10 kilometers long road:
    - walking up and down, about 4 hours
    - ride by 2 horses carriage or sledge, up and down about 1,5 hours + 1 hour walking (costs 50 PLN up and 30 PLN down)
  • Trips to Morskie Oko from Krakow are available all year long however we recommend April, May, August and September when weather is more predictible.
  • Time needed to walk around lake is about 1 hour
  • Morskie Oko is located 35 minutes driving from Zakopane. It's possible to extend Morskie Oko Tour, and on the way back to Krakow visit Zakopane where you would see:
    - Jaszczurowka Chapel
    - Ski jumps
    - local market
    - main walking street Krupowki
    - panorama of Zakopane and Tatra from Gubalowka Hill (5 minutes ride from market with funicular train)
  • It's also possible to combine Morskie Oko Lake Tour with visit at Thermal Pools or Snowmobiles / ATVs riding
  • Distance from Zakopane to Krakow is 110 kilometers (70 miles) what takes about 1,5 hour to drive.
  • After tour we can drop you off at your hotel, Krakow or Katowice Airport, railway station etc.

  • Important notes:

    - Morskie Oko and Zakopane are located at high mountains. Driving times may vary during tough road condition.
    - Price of tour depends on numer of passegners. Please Conctact us to get exact quotation.
    - If you'd like to spend more time in Zakopane and go with cable car to Kasprowy Wierch please take a look at our Zakopane Tours

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